Moonglass  is specialized in the technique of stained glass in combination with mirrors.

The craft of stained glass is an age-old tradition that Moonglass applies in a contemporary way in its quirky designs. The fresh color palette gives Moonglass mirrors a unique and modern look.

-Moon Mirror- was the very first design in the collection. From this also grew the Venus series and Flowermirror series. They are an eye-catcher in any interior or give your garden that little bit more. The perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Leen Smedts lives in Ghent and followed a 3-year training as a glazier after her studies at Hogent. In the meantime she works as a freelancer at Atelier Mestdagh (art glass windows).

Here she worked on various small and large projects, including the restoration project of the St. Nicholas Church in Westkapelle, for which the studio received an honorable mention in the Real Estate Prize 2020.

Moonglass originated from the passion for the craft and the beauty of things.